Why you should be booking your Christmas party 2017 now!


March; not a month you would typically associate with reindeer, Christmas trees and presents. However, when it comes to events we strongly recommend you don your festive thinking cap right now. Why, you ask? Read on and receive the gift of event planning knowledge.

Choose from the best venues

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This year we received our first venue search enquiry for Christmas 2017 in December 2016. That’s right, 12 months in advance – 2016’s peak mince pie was yet to be reached and we were already thinking about 2017. There was a good reason for this advance planning; this particular client prefers to have the pick of our most popular venues. Several of London’s top venues see March as their busiest month for Christmas party enquiries. So for the best choice we recommend looking at venues sooner rather than later.

Negotiate a better deal

Negotiating event budgets can be a tricky business, so I’m afraid for the purposes of this blog I can’t offer you a comprehensive ‘art of the deal’ today. What I can share is one simple principle; venues, suppliers and in fact most businesses will always be inclined to offer more flexible terms when you are discussing an event far in advance. Their diaries are still likely to have blank spaces in December and any sensible business will do what they can to close a sale 9-10 months in advance.

Start with a bigger budget

It’s autumn, the days are starting to get shorter and to add to the gloom you’ve just had THAT budget meeting – the one where you find out your Christmas party budget has been halved. Sound familiar?  Well I’m going to take a risk here (second-guessing Finance Directors based on the advice of this blog is not to be encouraged) and say that if you pitch for your event budget now you will have a better chance of achieving the number you want. With 9-10 months advance warning, the budget allocated for your party is less likely to be set in stone and you’ll have more time to press your case.

Ensure everyone can attend

Whilst everyone may not be shouting about their FOMO for the office Christmas party (until they hear what you have planned), secretly they would all like to be there or at the very least to be free on the date of the event. Find a date that works for everyone now; with nine months’ notice there will be less mini-breaks, nativity plays and board meetings booked in.

Hire the best suppliers

As with venues, all of the fantastic suppliers you need to make your event a reality are far more likely to be able to fit you into their busy December diaries right now. We’re often tasked with helping clients find caterers, equipment and more besides at short notice. Whilst this is a service we are always happy to provide, from our experience you’ll always have more options and get a better deal if you plan in advance.

Persuaded that you should book now? We can help! Do get in touch if you have an event or shoot you would like some help with. Submit an enquiry here (it takes 2 minutes - also on this page a look at three unique christmas venues) or say hello@takeplace.co.uk.

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