Five reasons to hold your next event out of town

Where can you find the exclusivity of a members club, the space of a warehouse, the facilities of a boutique hotel and the wow factor of a stately home? All hail the beautiful, undisputedly elegant country house venue, who's benefits as a unique and inspiring space for events knows no bounds. Here's why.

Photo credit: Helen Baly

Photo credit: Helen Baly

Your guests are more relaxed

Escaping to the countryside has been a lifelong pastime for millions of city dwellers for centuries. There has to be something in it that's beneficial and for your guests, it is no different. Away from the stress of the city, your guests can relax, focus, give time to themselves and to each other. Colour, natural light and access to green spaces has a tremendous impact on productivity and can increase performance by up to 15%. On a big company-wide scale, that can have a huge impact. 

You aren’t crammed into confined spaces.

We all know how much of a premium space comes at in a city. At a country house venue, space is ample and free! You can make the most of the outside as much as the inside. From multiple breakout rooms, relaxed, light spaces (often included in the price of the venue hire) to sunny terraces, secret walled gardens, immaculate croquet lawns, freshwater lakes, enchanted woods and landscape views to die for.

You can work hard and play hard, in the same space.

Creating a full day’s agenda that is structured, focussed and above all varied is important, but often hard to do in a city venue without having to change locations to do so. Perhaps you want to offer a few relaxing afternoon activities along with your hard working mornings. From simply adding into the agenda some constructive walks around the grounds where you talk about the morning’s activities in pairs and come back and share your thoughts, to fully organised team building activities, both can seamlessly work with your schedule. Whatever activity you do, you’re guests will leave having experienced something new and engaging to have as a memory forever.

Guests give you their undivided attention.

Without the distractions of the city and the individual opportunities to leave early, in the rural location of the countryside you get the undivided attention of your guests to focus on the reason for being all together. Whether that’s a party, business event, strategy day, or networking event, you’ll find your guests 100% more engaged when they have less control of their own agenda. You don’t have to worry, all country house venues come with efficient wifi but if you happen to pull the plug and tell them it’s not available to avoid all internet distractions, we won’t tell!

You get to stay in some truly unique and magnificent bedrooms!

Country houses have some great stories behind their heritage, all written into the fabric, names and features of their rooms. The original fireplaces, panelled rooms, four poster beds, and some of the deepest most luxurious baths can add that extra layer of quality and intrigue for your guests to make the most of when you stay overnight. And in the blissful silence of a country house venue, you can sleep oh-so-deeply.


If you are going to make it a country house venue, why not make it one from our Out of Town collection? We have partnered with the fantastic Canvas and Stone to offer their five country houses to TakePlace clients.

At each of the houses you will find a level of quality and comfort that reassures you that you’re in safe hands. Your exclusive-use hire means you have the space all to yourselves. You can have your own bar, wine cellar, an amazing dance floor and sound system already in place and if you’re really lucky perhaps even a sound proof venue to make the most of the 24 hour hire! Whether it’s an outdoor celebration or an indoor business event, the dedicated teams at each of the Canvas and Stone houses are on hand to inspire you with ideas and give you the best the venue has to offer.

The Canvas and Stone group of country house venues is made up of houses in Berkshire (an hour’s drive from London), Gloucestershire, Glastonbury, Herefordshire and Shropshire.

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