Three of the best... Party Venues

Whatever the cause for celebration, having a fantastic backdrop can make a real difference to the success of any party. In this post we share three of our favourite venues where you can let your hair down.

Hoxton Arch Bar and Restaurant

A bar, restaurant & event space set within three beautifully restored Victorian railway arches in Shoreditch. Delicious food and drink, beautiful interior design and a cool atmosphere, what’s not to like?

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TakePlace tip: Perfect for anyone looking for a stylish venue that will take care of catering with minimum fuss and leaves plenty of space (and a powerful sound system) for after dinner entertainment.

The Gladstone Library

Gladstone Library - Theatre.jpg

Originally built as a private members’ club in the 19th century, this Whitehall venue provides a number of historic and atmospheric spaces, suitable for any celebration. The Library is our favourite with bookshelves lining the walls, beautiful views of the River Thames and space for up to 350 people.

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TakePlace tip: Venue offers a broad range of catering, production and other event services so can meet with almost any requirements. Ask about the gantry area for speakers that want to make a grand entrance or musicians that want a unique acoustic.

Old Street Roundabout

Truly unique venue in the middle of Old Street roundabout. Comprised of multiple spaces including bar areas, dance floors and award-winning street food. Covered and heated in the winter, open air and breezy in the summer. 

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TakePlace tip: Acoustic shields the venue from the sound of traffic, so with even music on a low volume in the background you won’t be worrying about cars and lorries! Ideal for anyone looking for a blank canvas space with flexibility to stamp your own ideas onto it.

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